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One scholarship for a Course + Coaching package (valued at $3,333) is given away per 6 week cycle.

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Are We a Good Fit?

Root Chakra Offering: Foundational + FREE

Schedule a 10 minute introductory call with me to assess which services will be most beneficial. This includes a scholarship application. It’s important to approach every relationship with a foundation of honesty and trust, and especially since we’ll be discussing serious, confidential information, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know me and consider your options.
(valued at $22)


Personal Coaching

Sacral Chakra Offering: Activation

For personal self love coaching outside of the featured course, or for a more in-depth session before committing to the Course + Coaching offering, connect with me here for one-off session. Clients who then book Course + Coaching will receive $111 off their selected package price. (valued at $111)


Personal Coaching

Solar Plexus Offering: Fuerza

Strengthen your Practice with weekly coaching sessions. Through this completely personalized weekly coaching option we can begin to consistently develop a set of personalized strategies just for you, as you navigate your journey to and with self love.
(valued at $777/week)


Radical Self Romance Course

Heart Chakra Offering: Fall In Love With Yourself

Join me on a 6 week journey to romancing yourself into self love. Based on the anthropological model of falling in love, all of my methods and suggestions are either rooted in evidence-based research or personal experience. You will also gain access to The Self Love Coaching Community: Radical Self Romance Edition, where I encourage enrollees (and eventually alumni) to offer one another insight, develop relationships, and share their stories. The course material has space within it for note-taking and journal-keeping. (valued at $555)


Course + Coaching

Throat Chakra Offering: Discourse

Don’t desire to Pay In Full upfront, and/or want the flexibility of paying weekly? This option allows access to a weekly group discussion phone call for all Course + Coaching participants (max 6 per cycle), and offers one private email for questions and personal development per week.
(valued at $1111)


Course + Coaching

Third Eye Chakra Offering: Vision

UNDER DEVELOPMENT — This package option will offer access to the weekly group phone calls and two weekly personal development emails for the duration of course. In addition to sharing with and learning from your fellow group members, each week you and I will explore and map out your journey’s intended destination. Who knows where you’ll end up?! But you’ve got to make the decision before you can begin!
(valued at $1444)


Course + Coaching

Crown Chakra Offering: Expansion

This exciting option gives us the opportunity to share weekly hour-long calls together for 6 whole weeks! Have an idea of your destination? Need some help setting your intentions? Together we’ll make actionable and timely decisions, measure your progress, celebrate victories, and appropriately grieve losses while you work through the material. You will also gain access to the FB course group, weekly group discussion and two weekly emails, as needed for interim guidance, for the duration of your course. Training with the goal of tackling a specific challenge can be an effective tool for kicking off a lifelong obsession. Become obsessed with loving who you already ARE, and see how the world expands for you!
(valued at $3,333)