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Nadia Dominique

I’m Nadia, and I’m passionate about being passionate. I believe in living life fully, experiencing intensely, feeling into pain, and using life’s lessons for personal growth. Making use of my scientific background in behavior change, professional training in therapeutic communication and conflict resolution, and years of knowledge gained from laying on the therapist’s couch, I have developed a unique skillset that’s afforded me the ability to heal from massive trauma and a lifetime of struggle. Now, I am thrilled to live into my purpose and give back to the community that’s helped me so much by offering my coaching services. Join me, and take a giant leap toward living your best life!

Nursing Experience - 8 years
Bachelor of Science in Public Health — University of Texas at San Antonio, 2015
Master of Arts in Health Law & Policy — Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, 2020

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