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how did you determine your pricing?

My pricing is comparable to the average pay of a life coach and related job titles — with relative experience, training, and education factored in — based upon figures as quoted by in August 2019.

Why should I hire you as my coach?

I personally experienced 19 years of trauma, and have been through treatment for my resultant eating disorder and C-PTSD. Over the years my licensed nursing practice has naturally become trauma-informed. I have also received professional trauma-informed care training through my employment as a licensed nurse. While I do not aim to provide licensed nursing or mental health services through my work as a Self Love Coach, I no doubt seek to include the breadth and depth of my professional and personal knowledge base in order to deliver high value to my clients.

Though my time in recovery has been brief (6 years), I have made rapid progress through processing the Stages of Grief, forgiveness of those involved, and am well on my way to making a full recovery. It would feel wholly unethical to keep the details of this journey to myself. Simply because my methods may not work for others, and in some cases may be contraindicated*, doesn't give me the right to withhold information which may assist others along their journey to Self Love.

*I encourage my clients to work with a trusted mental health or healthcare professional for the duration of our work together, as well as in utilizing any course material for purchase as self-paced learning.

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